Anesthesia Machine


Gas supply

  • Gas source O2For medical useN2OFor medical use

  • Input pressure range 280 kPa600 kPa

  • Output pressure of regulator (gas cylinder supply) less than 440 kPa

  • Safety valve 780kPa

  • Negative pressure air source 75 L/min

Flow rate

  • Adjust range of flow meter

O2 0 L/min10 L/min

N2O 0 L/min10 L/min

  • precision20℃ 101.3kPa

The precision from 10 % of full scale to full scale is ±10 % of indicated value. The precision lower than 10 % of full scale is class 4.

  • Linkage control of O2 and N2O flow rate

Adjust O2 concentration to no less than 25 % according to proportion.

  • Flow rate of oxygen flush valve 25 L/min75 L/min

  • Output pressure for fresh valve 30 kPa 45 kPa

Power supply

  • Voltage 100-240 V

  • Frequency 50/60 HZ

  • Input power 80VA

  • Fuse

——Main power T2AH 250V

——Internal power T4AH 250V




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