Contec CMS6800 Patient Monitor

Contec CMS6800 Patient Monitor
Contec CMS6800 Patient Monitor
Main Features
8” TFT color LCD, multi-language interface (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Kazakh, Polish, Czech).
Fanless design, quiet, energy-saving and clean, which reduces the possibility of cross-infection.
All-round monitor for adult, pediatric and neonate.
With standard interface, oxygen graph, trend graph, big character interface and view bed, convenient to observe.
Waveform, parameter color and location can be set optionally.
Finish all operations keys and knobs.
Display 7-lead ECG waveform on one screen, cascade ECG waveform display

Adopt digital SpO2 technology, anti-motion and anti-ambient light interference, and measurement can be performed under the circumstance of weak filling.
Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis function
NIBP measurement mode: Manual/AUTO/STAT, storage for 4800-group NIBP data.
Review for 71 alarm events of all parameters and 60 arrhythmia alarm events.
Drug concentration calculation and titration table functions.
One-touch printing of trend graph
Connect to Central Monitoring System 3G, Wi-Fi or wired mode.

AC/DC, built-in rechargeable lithium battery achieve uninterrupted monitoring.
Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(special leads are necessary).



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