Hand held Suction Device Properties:

Handheld suction devices, manufactured from high quality plastic, have the following properties:
Small size allows it to form an integral part of your crash bag
Provides 500mmHg vacuum and connects to disposable container
Container has a 300ml capacity
Smooth surface promotes hygiene
Comfortable trigger grip for prolonged application
A lightweight fully portable, non-electrical Suction Unit, which can be used both in the in-Hospital and pre-Hospital environments.
Due to its small size, it is a usual backup Suction device when out in the field.
Cut-off valve inside bottle stops fluids from entering the main body of the Unit. when large volumes of blood / fluid or mucus are captured in collection bottle.
MVP Hand Held Manual Powered Aspirator/Suction unit* Includes: (1) Suction Unit Assembly, (1) Large Bore Catheter, (1) Small Bore Catheter, (1) Collection Jar, Sold Qty. 1 each



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