Kogan Non-Conductive Endocervical Speculum

Kogan Non-Conductive Endocervical Speculum is designed for examination of the vaginal or cervical canal. Insulated instruments feature a smooth, durable, non-conductive nylon coating for LEEP, LLETZ and other electrosurgical ob-gyn procedures. The blue nylon resists abrasion and provides excellent insulation.
The Kogan Non-Conductive Speculum comes with or without the measuring ratchet. Alternatively, they are available with a set screw instead of the measuring ratchet. There are two styles of blades, narrow and standard. Narrow is used more for the stenotic (tight) cervix.
Material: Stainless Steel with Non-conductive Nylon-Coating
Length: 11″ (28.0cm)
Tips: Standard or Narrow
With Ratchet or With Set Screw
Sterility: Non-Sterile
Usage: Reusable
Quantity: 1



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